minidown Unreleased

  • New features
    • Implement results_folding option to fold entire results including figures and tables.
    • Implement code_download option for mini_document()
    • Add download_rmd_button() so that users can place a download button anywhere in the document.
  • Template
    • Elements aftter include-before and include-after are wrapped by <main> element.
  • Layout
    • CSS Grid layout for floating TOC is applied to <main> instead of <body> so that include-before and include-after works safely.
    • For the consistency with code_folding = TRUE, the max-width of body become 900px when code_folding = FALSE

minidown 0.0.1 2020-05-04

  • Initial release with the support of following frameworks:
    • mini.css
    • sakura
    • Water.css